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 Texas Commercial Business Insurance realizes a good part of standing by the slogan “We Make Insuring Easy” begins with acquainting business owners with the truth as to want separates the need for commercial auto insurance from selecting the standard personal auto policy.

The following statements are intended to provide an easy to follow criteria, allowing businesses to travel the streets and highways with questions arising as to whether they have chosen the proper policy for their vehicles;

1.       Is your vehicle owned by the business? If so the vehicle should definitely be insured by a commercial automobile insurance policy.

2.       Is the usage of the vehicle primarily commercial, examples hauling, transport, escort, delivery, vehicles placarding or displaying signage representing the business. These are dominant  reasons that give immediate cause to select the commercial automobile policy. Consult an insurance professional should your vehicle not fit the stated description but you feel there may be business exposure.

3.       Is your vehicle commonly used for livery, the conveyance of people from one site to another? Even if you find that your vehicle is titled in your personal name and your business operates as a DBA the fact that you transport humans is reason to purchase commercial insurance since your exposure in a liability defense is extremely high and almost all personal auto policies exclude livery.

4.       Does your vehicle require special equipment that is permanently mounted and secured to the vehicle? If the answer is yes it is very important to make sure the vehicle is covered by a commercial policy to protect the vehicle in liability incidents and to provide the opportunity to cover the physical damage exposure of the vehicle and it’s equipment. Your insurance professional will prescribe an inland marine policy is necessary to handle the equipment exposure.

5.       Does your vehicle tow a trailer that is used commercially? This may create a dual exposure when the power vehicle is used to tow a trailer that is used commercially. Bear in mind, the commercially used trailer cannot be mobile without the power unit, in most cases both should be insured commercially.


When vehicles are used by a business the organization receiving the business’s services will want to be certain coverage exists should a third party file a claim naming the business and or the organization as liable in a alledged loss.  The organization will in many cases require a certificate of insurance naming them as additionally insured on the business’s policy. Without such documentation most organizations will not accept the business to represent them as a subcontractor or to perform a service for them.

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